• In Ra We Trust Slot Machine Game

    This 3-reel classic pays big when lining up 3 natural blue diamonds. Timeless symbols and traditional game play will bring players back to this memorable high denom game.

  • In Ra We Trust Slot Machine Game

    Nostalgic wild horses roam the open plains in this exciting 20-line adventure. Unlock the major and mini progressive jackpots with 5 stallion symbols and marvel at the beauty of the mesa as tumble weeds and cacti dot the wide-open spaces. If lighting strikes and free spin horseshoes or copper wild coins appear, luck will be on your side.

  • In Ra We Trust Slot Machine Game

    Fire and Brimstone will greet you with this 20-line decent into Hades. Progressive jackpots will deliver you from darkness and scorching free spins will multiply your scary great rewards. Beware in this shadowy and devilish journey.

  • In Ra We Trust Slot Machine Game

    Classic symbols light up this glitzy and exciting 20-line slot game. Diamonds are definitely a girl's best friend when triggering the major and mini progressive jackpots. Free spins pay 2x as the glittering diamonds keep piling up the winnings.

  • In Ra We Trust Slot Machine Game

    Passing through the Angel's Gate will bring divine luck and tranquility. Heavenly angels and divine cherubs will reward your purity with progressive jackpots and stacked winnings. If there is virtue in your heart, the golden gates will open and reward you with multiplier blessed free spins. Heaven can't wait for this celestial offering.

  • In Ra We Trust Slot Machine Game

    Rule the sky with the ancient Egyptian Sun god RA. Take a magical journey into the supernatural Sphinx Fortune Instant Bonus. Accumulate your winnings as you hope for the mystical Solar Eclipse to collect the Progressive Jackpot. EXPANDING shields increase your winnings during sacred free spins. Adventure and ancient treasures await in this divine 30-line game.

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  • Chimp Change Slot Machine Game

    What's more fun than a beach vacation? A beach vacation with a lovable chimp family in this inventive 30-line game. Enjoy the metal detector's antics as you anticipate the Inspector Detector Bonus. Uncover the giant gold coin and win the Progressive Jackpot! With EXPANDING surfboards and FREE SPIN coconuts, it's just another winning day at the beach!

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  • Chicken Scratch Slot Machine Game

    Out fox the competition with this humorous 30-line game. A mischievous rooster entertains until the fox kidnaps him and launches the Rocket Rooster Instant Bonus. Collect winnings as our feathered friend flies through the air to win a Progressive Jackpot. The sly fox also comes in handy as he EXPANDS during the chickin' pickin' free games.

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  • Habinero Dinero Slot Machine Game

    Winning has never been so hot! With WILD hot sauce, a FREE SPINS thermometer, an Instant Bonus alarm, and a burning Heat-O-Meter, the whole game makes you want to say, "Ay Caliente!"

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  • Slush Fund Slot Machine Game

    Grab some cool cash with this plunge into the icy seas! When the temperature rises, FREE SPINS are on the way. And don’t be afraid of a Blizzard - it will instantly spin you to winnings!

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  • Three Little Pigs Slot Machine Game

    No need to 'huff & puff' here! The Big Bad Wolf will only blow money into your pockets. With the fun you'll have from the Three Pigs EXPANDING WILD and the Piggy Bank bonus, you'll be going "Wee! Wee! Wee!" all the way to the bank!

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  • Firecracker 7 Slot Machine Game

    The Traditional Bars and Cherries are given the sparkle and pizazz of fireworks! EXPANDING Cherries will launch your chances while the TNT Barrel will explode into one of three different Bonus Games!

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