• Roses and Riches Slot Machine Game

    A rose by any other name would still win as big! Let the WILD Roses and the EXPANDING Watering Can grow your beautiful fortune. Along with the 3 bonus game Flower Pots, your garden will be full of beautiful winnings.

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  • Coins & Clovers Slot Machine Game

    Let the Lucky Leprechaun lead you to the pot of gold! The EXPANDING 4 Leaf Clover will increase your luck of the Irish. And with 3 bonus games, the Lucky Leprechaun will make your every wish come true!

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  • Eco-Trek Slot Machine Game
    "ECO TREK"

    Let your sense of adventure run WILD! Your compass will direct you to 3 bonus games, where Mad Monkeys and Big Bugs provide wonderful winnings. The friendly EXPANDING Giraffe will stretch your chances too! Treasures will be discovered on an Eco Trek!

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  • Habinero Dinero Slot Machine Game

    Winning has never been so hot! With WILD hot sauce, a FREE SPINS thermometer, an Instant Bonus alarm, and a burning Heat-O-Meter, the whole game makes you want to say, "Ay Caliente!"

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  • Echanted Treasures Slot Machine Game

    Enter this magical forest filled with WILD treasure chests and enchanted FREE SPINS. At any moment, the pixies will multiply your winnings or send you instantly to the BONUS round!

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  • Pampered Pets Slot Machine Game

    Let your pets spoil you with multiplied wins and FREE SPINS - the same way you've spoiled them with treats and pet beds. Your love of animals will reward you nicely - with WILD diamonds!

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  • Wonerland Winnings Slot Machine Game

    Down the rabbit hole and into a game of chance! Join Alice, The Mad Hatter, Jaberwocky and the storybook cast of characters in this game adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s masterpieces. The WILD soldier will enforce your chances of winning and the Tea Party bonus will have you drinking to your success.

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  • Major Cash Slot Machine Game

    It’s Cash in a “Major-ly” way. This army is equipped with grenades, tanks, binoculars, and cash box in tow. As you approach the blazing battlefield, be prepared for a WILD tank ride and FREE SPINS.

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  • Ninja Magic Slot Machine Game

    Welcome to the age of stealthy warriors and cunning spell casters! Your chance at fortune depends on WILD magic. But if you master your skills, FREE SPINS will be your reward.

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  • Brave Spirit Slot Machine Game

    Let this noble chief guide you to your riches in the WILD West. His legendary tracking skills will gather FREE SPINS as you travel across golden plains.

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  • Turtle Fortune Slot Machine Game

    Magical golden treasures are coming your way when you swim beneath the sea of Turtle Fortune. These magical little creatures will offer you their FREE SPINS when you hit Fortune Beach!

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  • Coinquistador Slot Machine Game

    Join the search for Mayan gold! Using your WILD treasure map, nothing can shield you from FREE SPINS and riches. Let the colorful natives reward your adventure with precious doubloons!

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