• Roses and Riches Slot Machine Game

    A rose by any other name would still win as big! Let the WILD Roses and the EXPANDING Watering Can grow your beautiful fortune. Along with the 3 bonus game Flower Pots, your garden will be full of beautiful winnings.

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  • Lucky Sings Slot Machine Game

    Is your luck hiding in the stars? Let your sign be your guide to fortune and riches! Today is the day where the FREE SPINS align, while the WILD constellations shine on you. The signs of the zodiac reveal, it's your lucky day!

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  • Rock Star Reels Slot Machine Game

    Enter stage left and hear the roar of the crowd. Turn up the volume and show the crowd you have what it takes to achieve fortune and fame. Go WILD with a VIP pass and take the Spotlight as you write your own hit song and take it to the top of the charts!

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  • Galactic Goldmine Slot Machine Game

    In space, no one can hear you spin. Filled with aliens, cyborgs, and black holes, this universe can award you with cosmic riches. WILD energy powers your winnings, but watch out for Octar – your bonus will depend on gaining his power orbs!

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  • Geo Cash Slot Machine Game

    Geometry. Where math becomes a solid. From the simple sphere to the complex torus knot, these shapes will spin by on their way to 20 possible win lines. With the added WILD symbol, your chance of winning is increased exponentially. Random patterns in the bonus round will multiply your success.

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  • Redbeards Booty Slot Machine Game

    Ahoy Mates!  Thar be fortunes to be found on the high seas today!  Cannons boom with FREE SPINS while we map our way to WILD treasure.  Let Redbeard's crew spin through the ship's levels, searching for his riches!

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  • Cutie Cash Slot Machine Game

    Slot games have never been so adorable! Set in a peaceful forest, these cute characters will bring many FREE SPINS of enjoyment, as well as a whale of a WILD ride. They'll touch your heart, as they fill your pockets with cash!

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  • SVP Roulette Slot Machine Game

    Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! Round and round we go in this single player version of the casino classic - Roulette. Featuring "0" and "00", this exciting game of chance is yours for the taking. Give it a spin!

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  • Gold Striker Slot Machine Game

    The net is open and the goal is yours. Pass the shot to the Free Spin forward and the scoreboard will light up! The WILD gold can be yours too - if you can place the kick! Let the stadium roar! Your team will always be winning in this exciting sports game!

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